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Tooth whitening is a speedy and very effective way to transform your smile. Research shows it is the most desired of all the cosmetic dental treatments.

Philips Zoom is a scientifically advanced teeth whitening system which is performed chairside at a dental practice and is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. This is using the most advanced LED whitening technology and accelerates tooth whitening so that in one-hour teeth can be lightened by up to seven shades. Typically, patients are also measured up for a tailor-made home whitening kit so that they can continue to lighten their teeth for two weeks and achieve even greater results.

Commonly asked questions about tooth whitening:


Will it hurt?

It is likely you will feel some degree of tingling and zinging sensitivity, but this often doesn’t last longer than a few days.  Because we use Zoom whitening at Bliss Dental sensitivity is minimised as the gels contain a unique desensitising ingredient called Amorphous Calcium Phosphate.

Can I buy tooth whitening products at beauty salons or online?

It is illegal for anyone other than a dentist to whiten teeth. Non-professional treatments could cause long-term damage, it’s not worth the risk. At Bliss Dental, we only recommend clinically proven, safe and effective whitening treatments. 


How white can my teeth go?

With in-practice teeth whitening, we can whiten teeth by up to 7 shades in just one hour. However, the end result does depend on your age, starting colour, diet and lifestyle, as drinking tea and coffee and smoking can exacerbate staining.

Treatment fee

Home Whitening with close-fitting custom-fitted trays cost £350.

Zoom In-surgery Whitening, including the custom-fitted trays to complete the process at home, costs £595.

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