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T-Scan & EMG

T-Scan is a computerised bite force measuring device which is used to detect bite anomalies and interferences in smooth jaw movement that cannot be detected any other way. The pressure on individual teeth is displayed on the computer screen in graphical and easy to understand format.

This device gives so much more information than the articulating (carbon) paper as the marks shown by the articulating paper only show contacts, not the order or the intensity of those contacts.

This means that a tooth that feels uncomfortable but shows no apparent cause and is receiving more force than the other teeth during chewing can be identified and the force reduced by adjusting the tooth shape in conjunction with the T-Scan data.

T-Scan can also be used to treat patients suffering from chronic muscle pain due to clenching and grinding but as not all bite classifications can be treated this would be subject to examination.

We will also be shortly introducing Bioresearch EMG (Electromyography). EMG measures muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve's stimulation of the muscle and this will be synchronised with the T-Scan results to show muscle activity with respect to jaw movements.

If you are not an existing patient a fully comprehensive examination and X-rays (£140 including 2 X-rays - additional X-rays £20 each) will be required before any T-Scan analysis can be carried out.

T-Scan analysis only costs £225 and is for patients who are undecided if they want to do any treatment

T-Scan analysis with adjustments costs £450 per hour. Due to the compressibility of teeth into their sockets the tooth may recoil from that compression and more than 1 appointment may be necessary.

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