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CEREC Crowns


CEramic REConstruction (CEREC) is the most advanced dental system in the world, used to restore teeth in one appointment, without having to send impressions to a laboratory. Not only do teeth restored with CEREC look and feel like a natural tooth, but they are also much stronger than regular fillings and will last much longer.  

The treatment takes about two hours from the start of preparation to fitting the finished tooth. It is ideal for busy patients who may not be able to attend multiple dental appointments.

The tooth is scanned with a small camera, and the crown, inlay or veneer is then perfectly created from ceramic before it is seamlessly bonded to the tooth.

Benefits include:

  • A long-lasting dental restoration that looks and feels like a natural tooth

  • No impressions or moulds

  • Less natural tooth is removed so less drilling is needed

  • No second visit and therefore no second local anaesthetic

  • No temporary crown is needed

  • Ceramic materials so there is no metal in your mouth.

  • A CEREC restoration doesn’t cost any more than a conventional lab-made restoration

Treatment fee

From £800 Per Restoration

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