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Root Canal Treatment

Toothache can be incredibly painful, as infection can make your face swell and give you a relentless toothache. This pain can also be quite scary, making you worry you may lose a tooth or that the treatment will also hurt.


We’d like to reassure you that not only can we save your tooth, but with a local anaesthetic, it is highly unlikely that you will feel any pain during treatment.


If you are experiencing a constant toothache, your tooth will likely require root canal treatment.


Toothache like this happens when the pulp, which is like the tooth's alarm system, becomes damaged by decay, infection, deep fillings or a cracked tooth. Pulp lives inside the root of the tooth and fights any bacteria inside the dental canal. By the time people visit a dentist about the pain, the pulp is likely to have started to die.

We will remove the diseased pulp and any bacteria from the root using flexible high-tech circular files that flex to follow the intricate canal shape. With the help of some x-rays, we will clean out the canal to the end and fill it within the root with specially designed root filling materials. If the tooth is weakened, a crown may be required to stop the tooth from fracturing.

Treatment fee

Approximate root canal prices range from £500 for a single-rooted tooth to £700 for a molar tooth with 3 roots.

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