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Treatment for Under 18s

NHS Treatment

NHS Treatment for existing patients who have an open course of treatment before 31st March 2024 will have their treatments completed. Any appointments already booked will be honoured and we will see any existing NHS patients for emergencies on the NHS up to 31st March 2024. There will be no further NHS treatment after 1st April 2024.

Denplan for Kids

Denplan for Kids is a monthly plan costing £12.26 including emergency cover and insurance ( T &C's)

which entitles the patient to:

2 Check ups per year

2 Scale and Polish per year

Any appropriate intra-oral Xrays

10% off Treatment charges

Private Treatment

We offer Private Treatment as appropriate and with consent from the patient and parent/guardian as usual. We have created a reduced tariff for under 18's which is summarised below.

Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a comprehensive Dental Care plan which covers all necessary check-ups and treatment except cosmetic treatment, braces or implants. The patient needs to be dentally fit before joining although any necessary treatment found at the initial examination can be excluded from the plan until carried out.

Examples of private treatment costs for under 18's

Check up with light Scale and Polish (1/4hr) £70

Small/Regular filling in GIC* in a Milk Tooth (1/4hr) £70

Large filling in GIC* or Composite in Milk Tooth (1/2hr)£140

Small/Regular Composite filling in Permanent Tooth (1/2hr)£140

Large composite filling in Permanent Tooth (3/4hr) £210

Extraction(s) of Milk or Permanent Teeth (1/2hr) £140

Hygienist per 1/4hr £42.50

*GIC = Glass Ionomer Cement a self setting filling material appropriate to fill Milk Teeth.


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