About Bliss Dental


At Bliss Dental our sole aim is to provide you with excellent quality dentistry at a reasonable price.

Your visit to us can be as routine as a regular check up using the latest digital x-ray equipment to reduce x-ray dosage by 50% while allowing enhancement of the image on the computer or maintenance of your gum health with our hygienist to reconstructing your smile with implants, crowns and bridges.

Should you require treatment we will always try to restore teeth cosmetically and routinely place tooth coloured materials. We are experienced in cosmetic dentistry, crown and bridgework, implants and tooth whitening, and we now offer clear aligner braces from Smilelign and Clearguide at a significant saving compared to Orthodontic practices.

If you have had Clearstep Orthodontic treatment which has discontinued mid-treatment due to Clearstep going in to administration we may be able to complete your treatment with another provider. Please contact us if you would like further information. Havea look at our page on ClearBraces

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